Pump Lot Irrigation Maintenance

You may have noticed that the pump lot lawn is having problems. We had a work party on the 3rd to evaluate the existing sprinklers, and to run some hoses with sprinklers to water the lot in until we could organize a group to replace the non-functional sprinkers on the lot. Thanks to Dave Shea, Paul Ziemer, Vern Jackson, Joe Plaisted, and Nathan Tenney for their work last weekend. As a result of our evaluation, we are having a sprinkler replacement party at the Pump Lot this weekend, August 10th starting at 7 am. We have around 15 sprinklers to replace, so we’d love to have as many people as possible to help out. If you can be there, bring a shovel. Thank you for your assistance.

Just to recap:

  • When: Saturday, August 10th, 7 am
  • Where: Pump Lot
  • What: Work party to replace 15 non-functional sprinklers. If you have them, bring shovels (both gardening and regular).