Important notice from the Richland Police Department

We received word from the Richland Police Department that there were some vehicle prowls on the 19th and 20th in our area. The person has been caught, and 3 victims have been identified, but they recovered some other stolen items. If you believe that you had items stolen during that time period, please contact Sgt. Ver Steeg at 509-942-7545. And, remember to keep your vehicles locked and valuables out of sight.

KID Watering Schedule Information

As you know, last week, KID voted to put austerity measures in to place to conserve water. Since that time we have recieved several requests for information about how this will affect Keene Village homeowners in light of the fact that we had already had a watering schedule in place. Anticipating this, the board took immediate action to contact KID to identify potential issues and their solutions.

The Problem

Historically, Keene Village has had problems with water pressure. To aleviate the issue, a watering schedule was instituted to keep water pressure issues from affecting homeowners ability to water their yards. When I heard last week about the vote, and what the austerity measures were, I sat down and ran through a quick evaluation of how these might affect Keene Village. KID’s watering schedule allows for homeowners to water twice a week, 30 minutes per zone during a specific 12 hour period based on the last digit of their home address. Pulling the address list I grouped the homes based off the last digit of the street address and found this: out of 86 homes in Keene Village, 29 have a 0 as their last digit, and 34 have a 5. It was obvious that the KID watering schedule posed a potentially serious problem for a large number of homeowners. Armed with this information, the board began to seek a variance from the KID watering schedule.

Current Status

As of now, we have gotten permission to keep our current watering schedule. Do not change your timers to the KID schedule. Continue to water according to the Keene Village schedule. The board will keep in contact with KID to keep abreast of any further developments with regards to the water shortage, and we will provide updates on this website and on the KVHA Facebook page.

The KVHA board appreciates your patience in this matter.

Nathan Tenney, KVHA President

2015 Annual Meeting

The 2015 annual meeting will be held on May 4th at 6:30. It will be convened at the Richland Library. Topics for the meeting include:

  • Minutes from the 2014 Annual Meeting
  • 2014 Treasurer’s Report
  • 2015 Keene Village Yard Sale
  • 2015 Association Due
  • Frontage Maintenance
  • Yard of the Month Award
  • Irrigation Restrictions

We hope to have a few guest speakers for this meeting. Thank you.

2014 Annual Meeting Notes and other documents

The 2014 meeting minutes have been mailed out. A couple of items to note:

  • The 2014 annual yard sale will be held on May 10th starting at 8 a
  • While I’m a little late posting the notes to the website, the packet states that dues are due on May 1st. Please get them turned in as soon as possible. This year the dues are $30
  • The board was informed that some homeowners have experienced break ins. Please make sure to lock your homes when you are not there
  • We have included the criteria for the Yard of the Month program with the meeting notes
  • Frontages will be cared for on a monthly basis using volunteer labor. Contact Vern Jackson if you’d like to help.

You can read the documents here.

2014 Annual Meeting

I appologize for the late notice. We will be holding the 2014 annual meeting this Thursday, March 6th at 6:30 pm. It will be held at the Richland Library.Topics for discussion will include the following:

  • Minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting
  • 2013 Treasurer’s Report
  • Keene Village Yard Sale 2014
  • 2014 Association Dues
  • Frontage Maintenance
  • Yard of the Month

We hope to see you all there.